Vinny Paz pleads no contest

Vinny Paz pleads no contest

Former boxing champ Vinny Paz was arrested for domestic violence in Rhode Island early Thursday morning after cops say he beat up his girlfriend and then tried to hide inside of his home.

The Warwick Police Dept. says it had to use force to break down Paz’s garage and enter the home to apprehend the 55-year-old at around 3 AM.

Cops initially received a call from a member of Paz’s GF’s family who said Paz got violent. The woman reportedly suffered injuries to her face.

When cops arrived, the woman was taken from the scene in a stretcher.

Paz refused to answer the door, answer his phone and had turned off all the lights — so cops decided they had to make a move “out of an abundance of caution” … and entered the house to get Paz.
He was eventually taken into custody around 4 AM and hauled to a nearby station where he’s being booked for domestic violence charges.

What makes this worse for Paz … he was out on bail in a felony assault case in which he allegedly beat up his friend — and this new arrest could lead officials to revoke his bail.

Talk about swift justice … boxer Vinny Paz already had his day in court after being arrested for domestic violence Thursday morning … and he got off relatively easy — avoiding any jail time.

Paz was arrested this morning in Rhode Island after cops say V.P. refused to exit his house after allegedly beating up his GF … forcing cops to bust down his garage door.

Less than 10 hours after being charged with 2 misdemeanor domestic violence counts — Paz appeared in front of a judge and immediately copped a plea … pleading no contest to domestic violence simple assault.

The other charge was dismissed.

Paz won’t spend time behind bars … but he ain’t free and clear. The judge ordered him to take domestic abuse and substance abuse counseling, participate in a mental health program, and give up his guns.

He’s also on probation for a year … and isn’t allowed to contact the victim for a year.

Article courtesy of TMZ