So, what’s the holdup on the Billy Joe Saunders vs. Gennady Golovkin bout?

Frank Warren spoke with iFL TV about the situation with Billy Joe Saunders and GGG.

“At the moment, they’re saying that Golovkin’s injured,” Warren told iFL TV. “So we’re waiting to see where this is all going. But as far as I’m concerned, we agreed [to] terms, so much so that we made an interim [title] fight, we paid a guy to step aside to enable it to happen. So we’ve done everything we can to deliver that fight. And Bill deserves it.” 

“We’re not gonna know till after May 6th what’s gonna happen,” Warren said. “It’s all up in the air at the moment. You know, we’re trying to resolve it.” 

Frank Warren stated that the delay has nothing to do with Saunders and that he deserves the fight with him.

“He wants that fight,” Warren said. “We have a contract sitting there for that fight. It’s still sitting there on the table. So we’re waiting to see what happens with that.”