Liam Smith stops Liam Williams in the ninth

Liam Smith stops Liam Williams in the ninth

Liam Smith stopped Liam Williams on a cut in the ninth round. Smith looked like he was being soundly outboxed throughout the fight. As it turns out, he was only ahead by one point when the fight was stopped.

The cut came in the ninth round after an exchange. It was as an accidental clash of heads.

Liam Smith had a rough time during the fight and also before the fight. Smith had failed to make weight at the weigh in a day before the fight. This cost him a chance to win the WBO super welterweight championship.

The worst part about this for Liam Smith was that he came in about 2 pounds heavy and was told that he only had one hour to lose the weight. Smith figured he couldn’t drop the weight in an hour so he didn’t even try. It turns out, he was actually allowed two hours to drop the weight.

“I started well and I think Liam won next three and the cut bothered me, he got momentum and then I adjusted to what he was doing,” Smith said.

“I knew I was getting to him and it was a good decision by Gary Lockett because I would have stopped him the next round.

“I would have stopped him 100 per cent regardless [of the judges].”

Liam Williams was obviously disappointed after the fight and wants an immediate rematch.

“I did start to tire a little to be honest but in the ninth I felt OK again,” said Williams.

“I want to do it again, it will never be an easy fight because he’s a class fighter.”

Liam Williams started the fight very well by using his jab and controlling the distance. He was frustrating Liam Smith throughout the fight. In the third round, Williams landed a straight left hand that cut Smith on the right eye.

In the ninth round, both had good shots, but Smith definitely got the better of the exchanges. A clash of heads caused a slit across the right eyelid of Liam Williams. Williams’ trainer, Gary Lockett, immediately stopped the fight. “It was only going to get worse, Lockett said while speaking about the cut. With the win, Liam Smith moves to 25-1-1, 14 KO’s, while Liam Williams drops to 16-1-1, 11 KO’s.