Oscar De La Hoya involved in sex scandal with kitchen utensils

Oscar De La Hoya involved in sex scandal with kitchen utensils

A ‘shocking’ sex tape featuring boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya is at the center of an alleged $2million extortion plot being investigated by the FBI, DailyMail.com has learned.

It’s believed De La Hoya was targeted by two women who posed as Instagram models to get access to the star. According to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, the women, in their late teens or early 20s, met De La Hoya on a dating website in February and began messaging with him on Snapchat.

The multi-millionaire former boxing champion and Golden Boy Promotions chairman then invited the women back to his luxury condominium in downtown Pasadena, California. The property inside The Montana building, which De La Hoya snapped up in 2017 for $2.65 million, boasts 4,150 square feet of luxurious interior space, three bedrooms, a patio and a wine cellar.

Once there, it’s claimed the women partied with the star before filming him on a cell phone in various ’embarrassing’ sexual situations. De La Hoya was apparently intoxicated but aware he was being filmed.

DailyMail.com has learned that weeks later the women contacted De La Hoya and allegedly demanded $2million to prevent the tape being released. It’s understood the former boxer refused to pay or even negotiate so the pair then approached celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt with the video.

The content of the ‘shocking’ sex tape allegedly includes a totally naked De La Hoya playing the part of exhibitionist in front of two women, one blonde and one brunette, while in one scene the women are seen performing sex acts on him with kitchen utensils.

Realizing the women may be trying to extort De La Hoya, Blatt claims he turned them down. As a last ditch attempt the women also approached De La Hoya’s ex-wife, actress and model Shanna Moakler.

DailyMail.com understands Moakler, 43, was told the tape would humiliate her and Atiana, the 19-year-old daughter she has with De La Hoya. And again the women allegedly demanded $2million.

Moakler immediately contacted De La Hoya and they both decided to inform the authorities of the alleged extortion plot. It’s understood the case has now been referred to the FBI, which is investigating.

A spokesperson for the FBI told DailyMail.com: ‘We cannot confirm and or deny the existence of an investigation.’ However, Hollywood sex tape broker Blatt, said: ‘Yes two women tried to extort Oscar De La Hoya. I was contacted by someone claiming to be an Instagram model and she put me in touch with another girl.

‘I took a meeting, I met the girl in Hollywood at a Coffee Bean, she was young and very skittish, she wore a hoodie and big glasses and tried very hard to disguise herself, she gave me a fake name of Jessica.

‘Jessica then showed me over an hour of clips from a sex tape that purportedly showed Oscar De La Hoya. She said she and her friend had already approached Oscar and demanded $2million.

‘I’ve seen a lot of shocking videos in my time and this one was incredibly embarrassing. But it was clear to me Oscar had been set up.
‘The girls even took a picture of his driver’s license to prove it was him, they knew what they were doing, almost as if they had done this before.
‘In my mind it was outright extortion and I cut ties with them immediately.’

Blatt said he has reached out to De La Hoya’s people and is aware that the FBI is involved, adding he’d be willing to assist in any investigation.
A source close to Moakler, who asked not to be named, told DailyMail.com that the former Playboy model turned reality star was interviewed by FBI investigators for two hours on Monday. The source said the incident had caused much distress to her and De La Hoya.

‘It was very intimidating, they said they wanted $2million or they would release the tape everywhere,’ the source said. ‘But Shanna stood firm and called their bluff, she told them, “go ahead release it, I don’t care.”

‘Then she immediately called Oscar and they decided to go to the authorities. It’s in the hands of the FBI now, they have already interviewed Shanna.’

De La Hoya, 45, nicknamed ‘The Golden Boy’ during his boxing career, is an Olympic gold medalist and a winner of 10 world championships in various boxing weight classes.

The retired pugilist later founded the boxing promotion company Golden Boy Promotions in 2002.

Golden Boy currently reps world champion fighters Canelo Álvarez, Jorge Linares, Rey Vargas and Alberto Machado among a large stable of boxing talent.
DailyMail.com contacted Golden Boy Promotions requesting comment, but none was forthcoming. Moakler declined to comment.

De La Hoya is no stranger to this kind of controversy. In 2007, he was the subject of a photo scandal when snaps showing the champ clad in fishnets, panties and high heels were splashed online.

Serbian stripper Milana Dravnel released the photos and claimed De La Hoya had cheated on his wife with her.

At the time De La Hoya’s camp claimed it wasn’t him in the photos and that the stripper was ‘out for money.’ His team even brought in their own ‘photo expert,’ who said the snaps were a computer-generated forgery.

Dravnel, who released the photos, later filed a $100million lawsuit against De La Hoya claiming he unleashed a smear campaign against her to stop the photos from emerging.

The case was later settled and in 2011 De La Hoya gave a tell-all interview in which he admitted ‘It was me’ in the photos.

‘Let me to tell you, yes, yes, it was me,’ he told Spanish TV network Univision. During the interview the troubled sportsman also revealed his long battle with drugs and alcohol.

And then in 2011 De La Hoya was hit with another lawsuit in which it was claimed he threw a depraved, cross-dressing, drug-driven orgy at New York’s Ritz Carlton Hotel.

New York model Angelica Marie Cecora, then 25, said the retired boxer cavorted around in women’s underwear and went crazy with cocaine and sex toys, intimidating her and her friend when they tried to leave. But a judge ultimately dismissed the $5 million suit and ordered Cecora to pay De La Hoya’s legal bills.

The judge also ordered her and her lawyer to pay a $500 fine each for filing a ‘frivolous’ lawsuit and said the allegations were without merit.

De la Joya’s representatives have not responded to requests for comment from DailyMail.com

Article courtesy of the Daily Mail