Mauricio Sulaiman: GGG is frustrated

Mauricio Sulaiman: GGG is frustrated

Mauricio Sulaiman gave an interview to ESPN Deportes where he stated that he thinks Gennady Golovkin is frustrated over the Canelo Alvarez drug situation.  GGG had some harsh words for Alvarez in an interview yesterday.

Sulaiman told ESPN Deportes the following:  “What we are seeing is that Golovkin is simply demonstrating that he is a human being, for the first time he is acting like a boxer. He has always handled himself differently, he has never spoken out against anything and against anyone. He has the right to demand that an investigation be carried out, but I feel that he is mistaken in mixing up previous subjects… that is not the GGG that we know.”

“I knew about the complaints regarding Canelo’s hand-wraps, but not about what he’s saying [when claiming Canelo is dirty]. I feel he is confusing things as a sign of the frustration that has been accumulating throughout all this time, where he had give in to everything to get the first fight and now the second fight… he simply exploded and before he never did, but unfortunately he’s confusing things.”

“Golvokin is a boxer who has given a lot to this sport, he is an exemplary fighter, but he exploded. It has never happened to him before. I hope the controversy will soon be over and the greatness of a fight of this magnitude will not be taken away from him.”