Lomachenko easily defeats Sosa

Lomachenko easily defeats Sosa

Vasyl Lomachenko easily won his fight against Jason Sosa via TKO at the end of round nine. Sosa’s corner had waived off the fight before the tenth round began.

The fight was completely one sided, as most expected it would be. Lomachenko bewildered Jason Sosa with hand and foot speed. At times, it looked like Jason Sosa was stuck in the mud against Lomachenko. The difference in speed was evident from the very first round.

There was also a large gap in boxing ability. Lomachenko was definitely the more technical fighter of the two. Sosa’s biggest chance to win was going to be to try and rough up Lomachenko. This was definitely a strategy that he tried to employ, but Lomachenko was way to skilled to be lured into this.

Sosa was being touched up, but never really looked hurt by any Lomachenko punches. The fight was stopped by Sosa’s corner between the ninth and tenth rounds. “It was the accumulation of punches, and the fact that I didn’t want to see him get hurt, that I stopped the fight,” stated Sosa’s trainer, Raul Rivas.

With the win, Vasyl Lomachenko ran his record to 8-1, 6 KO”s and solidified a place in the pound for pound lists. After the fight Lomachenko seemed open to fighting Mikey Garcia. That’s the kind of fight he needs to be at the top of the pound for pound list because the Jason Sosa’s of the world will not get him there.

The most impressive performance of the night came in the co-main event of the evening. Oleksandr Gvozdyk ran right through a very tough Yuniesky Gonzalez. Gonzalez is known for his toughness and boxing ability. A lot of people were actually picking Gonzalez to win this fight. Apparently, Gvozdyk didn’t get that memo as he just completely destroyed Gonzalez in three rounds.

Gonzales was knocked down in the third round and was just swarmed by Gvozdyk until Gonzalez’s corner stopped the fight. The referee really dropped the ball on this, as it should have been stoppeed at least 30-40 seconds prior to the actual stoppage.

In the first bout of the evening Aleksandr Usyk defeated Michael Hunter via unanimous decision.  The scores were 117-110 on all three cards. Michael Hunter is a good boxer, but just didn’t have the power to keep Usyk at bay. Usyk hurt Hunter in the final round and almost had him out, but Hunter was just too game and too slick to be stopped.