Chavez Jr. robbed after Canelo fight.

Chavez Jr. robbed after Canelo fight.

Apparently Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. got robbed after getting pasted by Canelo Alvarez.  The alleged robbery happened in a hotel room.

After the fight a video surfaced that shows Chavez Jr. in a room with a bunch of girls.  Chavez Jr. appears to be laying on the bed enjoying himself.  His wife Frida spoke with ESPN Deportes about the incident.

“We stayed [in Las Vegas] because I wanted to go to the concert of Celine Dion on Tuesday. On Monday we went down to the bar that is in the lobby, and it’s typical that people go there, see him with the black eye and ask for a photo,” Frida stated.

“These guys from Tamaulipas … they took a photo with Julio and they went to go to some other friends who also wanted to take pictures. Then there comes a white guy with green eyes, spoke a little Spanish and said that he was from London and he invited us for a drink. I had a beer but [Chavez Jr.] had left Julia (his daughter) with a friend up and I knew that I could not leave her [with the friend] any longer. I went back up to be with Julia and Julio stayed with him (the guy from London) and from there until about 5 or 6 in the morning they took him to the room.”

“Those women were in the bar, they brought them up and recorded it. He remembered but he did not tell me because he knew it would make me angry. Now that I saw (the videos)…. I know that nothing happened, I told him that I know him.”

I have to be honest, I don’t feel that bad for Chavez Jr.  After all, he robbed us of $70 by watching that garbage performance.